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Case Study

Case Study: A Servicing Director Implementation

ceo signs agreement for trade | photo by getty images


ABC Servicer* sought a new vendor when their current provider had proven an inability to execute a solution that would provide controls for processes, particularly for refunds. As a subservicer, it was especially complicated to achieve the results required to satisfy multiple sets of business rules for various ABC Servicer’s clients.


ABC Servicer elected to move its insurance tracking program to Proctor Financial. Proctor listened to the critical pieces of the problem, and prioritized its solution based on highest urgency. The previous vendor was paid commission by Proctor to cooperate with the refunds process. Proctor worked with Lighthouse and created a seamless integration with ABC Servicer’s servicing platform, Servicing Director.

The Proctor difference is their willingness and ability to tailor deliverables to our customers’ expectations. As a subservicer, our customers are unique; to be effective and successful, we need to partner with vendors who understand that. Proctor‘s adaptability helps our organization grow and attract new customers with varying needs. Partners in the industry, like Proctor, are invaluable for our success.


The implementation was completed in 45 days. Proctor’s creative, nimble solution immediately fixed items threatened by audit scrutiny, giving ABC Servicer the proper processes and controls to pass audits. ABC Servicer’s client relationships improved, allowing the company to grow its portfolio.