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Where partnership meets innovation

At BBVA Insurance, the best value we can create for our clients is our strength in partnership coupled with our innovative spirit: innovation through our insurance products, innovation of our service offerings, and innovation in our technology and proprietary applications.

BBVA Insurance plan which aims to provide a life cover to all borrowers which in turn secures the credit/loan.With BBVA Insurance plan, you can provide coverage to your member's for a wide range of loans -

Housing Loans, Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans, Education Loans, Business Loans, Loan against Property, Merchandise Loan, Consumer Durable Loans, Credit Card Groups,

Asset Backed Loans and Gold Loans.This loan insurance plan can be taken on a single life as well as on a joint life or as a co-borrower,our charges on loan insurance is 0.13% of the amount that will be insured.

Property Investors

BBVA Insurance’s rental program for property investors is designed to protect residential rental properties with a proprietary reporting tool for simple administration.

Investor Rental Program